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Virtuous Savage

Z - Signed Copy of 'The Discombobulated Alpha' - By Craig 'Bob' Ainsworth (Biography)

Z - Signed Copy of 'The Discombobulated Alpha' - By Craig 'Bob' Ainsworth (Biography)

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Book Blurb:

From bullied London lad to Royal Marine Commando, to protecting the most famous and hunting the infamous, to blazing a trail of personal transformation. Craig Ainsworth's life is a rollercoaster of adventure. As a battle-hardened Royal Marine Commando, trusted bodyguard, and surveillance specialist, he stood guard over a constellation of Royalty, Celebrities, and Billionaires.

Yet, when the pandemic stormed in like a plot twist, Ainsworth's life took a dramatic turn. Isolated and haunted by the world's turmoil, he faced a devastating loss—eleven friends lost to suicide in just sixteen months. Powerless to shield those he held dear, he embarked on an audacious mission to redefine his purpose.

In a world where secrets and celebrity collide, Ainsworth's transformational mission is a beacon of hope. Discover the untapped potential within, guided by a man who's walked the razor's edge between shadows and light.

This brutally honest story horrifies, stuns, and inspires throughout, dedicated to showing everyone out there that your history does not define your destiny. We're both the hero and nemesis in our stories — it's you versus you, and dreams materialise when we dare to fight for them.

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